Shapes of Race Cars is an indie rock trio based out of Silverlake, CA whose music has been featured in dozens of films, tv shows and commercials from Gossip Girl and Teen Mom to a national SoBe Vitamin water campaign and the Major League Baseball Playoffs. Their live show has made them a fave in L.A. indie rock circles and won them fans all around the country.

The heart of SRC is best friend duo, singer/songwriter Dylan Champion and bass player Dale Zyla, two mid-western transplants who became best pals on the Eastside music scene around the turn of the millennium. Kaumyar, Shapes groovalicious drummer, joined the band for the making of their most recent album, Beauty Beat.

Beat is the cinematic, melodically captivating follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2007 debut Power.

Shapes songs all rest on Champion’s real, but soaring vocal delivery. It’s music that’s defies any one “scene”, but is deeply rooted in influences ranging from White Rabbits, MGMT and Guided By Voices, to seminal heroes Lennon, Bowie and Marc Bolan of T-Rex.

“We’ve never tried to fit into a scene,” says Champion. “We’ve let the songs lead us to who we are as a band.”